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The disclosure process significantly decreased. Historically the process would take four 4 to nine 9 months. With the platform, the process now takes two 2 to three 3 weeks — accelerating time-to-innovate. Global Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing. Internal and external idea capture Unlimited challenges Bilateral IP protection, protecting the Client and the submitter Auto-assessment scoring of idea submission to easily identify top submissions Ability to collaborate, brainstorm and expand upon existing ideas to improve productivity Automated network building Dynamic idea submission dashboard to view, sort and filter all ideas Fully automated, idea advancement stage-gated workflows customized for each product line Idea advancement ideation and collaboration Customized analytics charts and graphs with detailed drill-down functionality.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine automatically adds zero bytes if transaction parameters contain fewer bytes than necessary. Hackers can easily exploit this vulnerability by skipping zeros at the end of a transaction parameter and making a user send more tokens. In order to protect both coin and crowdsale smart contracts, we advised that our client handle parameter checking on the frontend when referencing vulnerable functions.

We conducted static analysis of the contracts using our analysis tools. We performed automated static analysis on the full scope of the smart contracts, including base contracts from the OpenZeppelin library.

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This ensured that no vulnerabilities would be introduced by inherited functions. Our team confirmed that the OpenZeppelin library is well suited for this application, as no critical issues were found.

Managing Software Engineering Case Studies and Solutions -

However, we still provided recommendations to our client on how to deal with minor errors. Our experts conducted a code review of the smart contracts.

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  • The scope of work.
  • After analyzing the results, we provided our client with the following recommendations:. The coin smart contract defined its constructor as a function with the same name as the contract.

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    This approach is deprecated and potentially dangerous as it allows anyone to execute the constructor, which usually contains critical code such as for setting the contract owner. The code style was somewhat inconsistent throughout the smart contracts. This made the code more difficult to understand and support. A clean and consistent code style also make contracts look more professional. Leaving comments in code makes smart contracts more difficult to read and understand. In our case, we recommended that our client remove unnecessary parts of the smart contract from OpenZeppelin, which is the basis for these contracts.

    The inheritance hierarchy of the crowdsale contract reflected the hierarchy of the original OpenZeppelin implementation. The functionality of the crowdsale could easily fit within a single smart contract.

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    This can lead to unexpected errors and possible vulnerabilities because of changes in a newer version of the compiler. This also makes a contract more difficult to reuse, since different developers may have different versions of the compiler. The Solidity compiler is constantly being improved. Newer versions of the compiler have important security updates and help to avoid obsolete practices.

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    There's no security vulnerability related to this, but all the same such Ether will be stuck forever. Our Apriorit experts advised on how to reduce GAS consumption during coin distribution. Particularly, we found that GAS savings could be achieved in the following ways:.

    We also analyzed the smart contracts in regards to the Ethereum network. However, we recommended that our client make some optimizations and improvements to the contract code. Client Goals: To reduce payroll costs, schedule a diverse staff on a hour cycle, ensure compliance with legal time rules, and to generate detailed Mitrefinch time and attendance reports to increase efficiency.

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    We absolutely need to keep payroll costs as low as possible, and Time and Attendance Software helps us to achieve this. We would certainly recommend Advance Systems and Mitrefinch time and attendance software to other organisations. Advance Systems has proved that they are more than capable of delivering and supporting solutions to match the highest requirements and standards. Tools such as the future work planner make adhering to rules easier, and notification systems ensure that anomalies are reported.

    Automatic updates ensure you are up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations.

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    Result: Reduction in unnecessary overtime costs, as well as the peace of mind of knowing that the organization is operating under full legal compliance. Aer Lingus employees were spending valuable time dealing with a cumbersome manual time and attendance system. Result: Significant reduction in administrative time spent on payroll, as well as a reduction in costly errors.