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Advanced Search…. Alexander Schaum. The course gives an introduction to the qualitative analysis of nonlinear differential and difference equations, in particular on bifurcations in one, two and higher-dimensional nonlinear systems.

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In order to find appropriate dates for the oral examination please contact the lecturer under alsc tf. Lagrangian, Hamiltonian, gradient, and reversible dynamical systems are also discussed. Elementary Hamiltonian bifurcations are covered, as well as the basic properties of circle maps. It does not only contain much new material, for instance on invariant manifold theory and normal forms, it has also been restructured.

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This second edition … will serve as one of the most eminent introductions to the geometric theory of dynamical systems. It is written in a readable style, with considerable motivation and many insightful examples.

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It should be on the reading list of every student of the subject …. Also, the new organization makes the book more suitable as a textbook that can be used in graduate courses.

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This book will also be a useful reference for applied scientists … as well as a guide to the literature. It contains most of the necessary mathematical tools … to apply the results of the subject to problems in the physical and engineering sciences. I definitely enjoyed reading this book and can only recommend it.

Dynamical Systems and Chaos: Introduction to Functions Part 1

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Buy Softcover. Mathematics is playing an ever more important role in the physical and biological sciences, provoking a blurring of boundaries between scientific disciplines and a resurgence of interest in the modern as well as the clas- sical techniques of applied mathematics. This renewal of interest, both in research and teaching, has led to the establishment of the series: Texts in Applied Mathematics TAM. The development of new courses is a natural consequence of a high level of excitement on the research frontier as newer techniques, such as numerical and symbolic computer systems, dynamical systems, and chaos, mix with and reinforce the traditional methods of applied mathematics.

Thus, the purpose of this textbook series is to meet the current and future needs of these advances and encourage the teaching of new courses.