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Simply complete one of our order slips on the bar and hand it to a member of staff. Your drinks will be waiting for you. The Riverside Bar is the idyllic setting overlooking the beautiful surroundings of the River Nene. Alternative council car parks can be found here. The car park is a short walk from the theatre. More information about the RFSC car park can be found here.

There is plenty of leg room, which is so unusual but wonderful, the seats are a comfortable size. The staff are always polite, happy, helpful, interested in theatre and the comfort of the audience members.

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It's a lovely theatre. It's the best".

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Choose your performance and book now Performance on. The closest parking to the Key Theatre is the Riverside car park. The first season sees lawyer-by-day Matt Murdock use his heightened senses from being blinded as a young boy to fight crime at night on the streets of New York City 's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood as Daredevil , while uncovering a conspiracy of the criminal underworld being led by Wilson Fisk. In April , Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed that the film rights to Daredevil and his associated characters reverted to Marvel from 20th Century Fox in October , allowing those characters to be used within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The thing about Matt Murdock is, he's not saving the world. He's just keeping his corner clean. So it would feel wrong to have spaceships crashing in the middle of the city. They're going big, as they should. In October , Deadline Hollywood reported that Marvel was preparing four drama series and a miniseries, totaling 60 episodes, to present to video on demand services and cable providers, with Netflix , Amazon and WGN America expressing interest. Goddard, who wrote the first two episodes of the series, remained with the show as a consultant while Steven S. DeKnight took over as showrunner.

#TheStories, part 5

In April , Marvel and Netflix announced that Daredevil had been renewed for a second season, but DeKnight would not be returning due to prior commitments. He was replaced as showrunner by Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez, who served as writers for the first season and worked closely with DeKnight and Goddard. Goddard was always a fan of Daredevil after being raised Catholic, and identifying with the character's story of a "Catholic superhero struggling with the notions of right and wrong". I think it's our job to treat it as if it's our run. If I'm the writer of a comic book, you wouldn't just retell someone else's story, you would just take that ball and move it forward.

In August , when talking about the series in comparison to the film, Ted Sarandos said, "The series will not be afraid to go darker than the film did. What we love about this particular set of heroes is that they're a little more down to Earth. Costume wise and also in that these are gritty crime stories, more in the streets than in the clouds. The story does not require that and I think [it] would suffer if you pushed it that far. We've always approached this as a crime drama first, superhero show second.

Loeb compared the series' approach to telling stories over multiple seasons to "the world of publishing, where you have the Frank Miller , you have the Brian Bendis run, you have the Ed Brubaker run.

I was lucky enough to do Daredevil: Yellow. But they feel different. They have different elements to them. Same cast. In many cases, same tone. But a different adventure But if you watch each of them, it's like getting two different books. It's closer to the world of the graphic novel than it is to the world of the ongoing, serialized show.

At the end of May , Charlie Cox was cast as Daredevil. On the casting process, DeKnight stated that "You just have to hope you find the right way. Luckily our cast came together, and I couldn't have been happier. No one will ever perfectly fit what's in your head. For me, the more important thing is not whether or not they look the part, but if they feel the part. Costume designer Stephanie Maslansky, talking about the inspiration and vision for the series, said " Daredevil is rooted in the authentically gritty New York City neighborhood, Hell's Kitchen where Matt Murdock grew up.


Jonathan Kent — People — Royal Opera House

In the comics—particularly those of the Frank Miller era in the early s—there were detailed illustrations we endeavored to bring to life in a grounded, gritty, and updated way, with respect and a strong nod to the original characters. We wanted to pick up where the comics version left off. I studied the illustrations from The Man Without Fear , Daredevil Yellow , and the issues of the s, to which the newer collections pay homage.

I wanted the costume design to reflect the illustrations of those volumes through a modern lens while maintaining a retro sensibility. For Daredevil's red suit, introduced at the end of the first season, Marvel Comics' Chief creative officer Quesada contacted Ryan Meinerding and the costume artists and design team at Marvel Studios, who all contributed design ideas, with one of Meinerding's ultimately being picked. Quesada, who previously worked as an artist on Daredevil comics, gave several suggestions, including the incorporation of some of how New York was created into the suit, which lead to the use of rivets and "architectural" shapes.

The suit is intended to look like a Kevlar vest, and the black sections are an homage to comic panels where the artists highlighted certain areas with red, with "deeper portions" in shadow. On the mask, Meinerding noted the difficulty in designing the entire top half of a face that is intended to match the bottom half of an actor's face, "because half of his face has to be covered and has its own expression and the actor's face is going to be doing something else". For the billy clubs used by Daredevil in the series, which were designed by Andy Park , "There was a discussion early in the process, because Charlie Cox [and his stunt double] Chris Brewster are both right handed, of having the billy clubs holster on the right leg.

But Daredevil wears those billy clubs on the left hand side. So while it would have been easier to place the holster on the right we all felt that we had to keep to the classic profile and keep them on the left. The suit was upgraded for the second season, with Calvert calling it "a much more fluid suit and much more tactical in a way.

The opening title sequence was created by Elastic. The company previously created the title sequence for True Detective , which had stood out to the creators in terms of "imagination and delivering on what the show was about". DeKnight explained that multiple companies had made pitches to the creative team involving "variations of the same idea, where you zoom in on an eye and you see a sonar map of the city. Elastic's Creative Director Patrick Clair "came up with the idea of making a red world that was revealed by liquid.

CG Lead Andrew Romatz elaborated that "Developing the right consistency and behavior of the fluids was definitely a tricky process.


Getting the scale to feel right was something that we had to play with quite a bit in simulation and also in lighting and texturing. Patrick wanted the sculptures we were forming to feel like miniatures, so we did a lot of experimenting with scene scale and with camera settings, simulating depth of field to achieve that look. Salek stated that "Each shot required custom flow maps to be painted on the sculptures, along with small attraction fields and thousands of tiny adjustments to achieve the shapes and behavior Patrick was looking for.

In the end I simulated hundreds of tests and thousands of frames of fluids to achieve just the right balance for each shot. The final sequence was animated to a temp track —"an old piece of 90s trip hop"—before John Paesano's music for the sequence was completed.

Richard Strauss: Elektra - Opera Film, 1981

Filming for the series takes place in New York City, in areas of Brooklyn and Long Island City that still look like the old Hell's Kitchen, in addition to sound stage work. We love the idea of beauty and the decay of the city, and Hell's Kitchen being a place that's both beautiful and gritty at the same time. And that's why Matt Murdock loves it and wants to protect it. Bryan Goswin serves as visual effects supervisor.

It was revealed that John Paesano would be composing the music for the series in October Paesano noted that it is rare for such material to be incorporated into a final score like this. Jeph Loeb on the opportunities that Daredevil existing within the Marvel Cinematic Universe presents. It does take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's all connected. But that doesn't necessarily mean that we would look up in the sky and see [Iron Man]. It's just a different part of New York that we have not yet seen in the Marvel movies.

In that world, they exist in it, so they know it and it's normal to them. But in reality when people are fighting and doing really bad, elicit [sic] crimes on the ground and there are guns and drugs—bones are going to break. People aren't hitting each other and nothing's going to happen because they're indestructible. These are people. They're vulnerable and you get to experience that. In March , Loeb spoke on the ability for the series to crossover with the MCU films and the ABC television series , saying, "As it is now, in the same way that our films started out as self-contained and then by the time we got to The Avengers , it became more practical for Captain America to do a little crossover into Thor 2 and for Bruce Banner to appear at the end of Iron Man 3.

We have to earn that. The audience needs to understand who all of these characters are and what the world is before you then start co-mingling in terms of where it's going. I think there's a way that the worlds can merge.

Bestselling Series

I think our show feels tonally and thematically a bit different from the Avengers movies, but it's all one universe and I feel like there's a way for Daredevil—and other characters, Luke Cage and street level crime characters—to fit into that universe. I think there has to be a way, and I think it's about finding an autonomous tone for that [crossover] film". Disney Consumer Products created a small line of products to cater to a more adult audience, given the show's edgier tone.