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A desire to conquer the skies
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They refused to show the airplane to any prospective buyer without a sizable deposit, and when pressed for proof that it could fly, they furnished the names of Dayton residents who had happened to see their Huffman Prairie tests. The military representatives, having already dealt with countless aircraft visionaries including Samuel P. The Wrights approached the British, who at first were greatly interested but later on decided to support their own airplane research.

Negotiations with France and Germany dragged on as the various officials and purchasing consortia kept changing their contractual demands. The Wrights refused to budge on the price and gave technical reasons why the aircraft's specifications couldn't be changed.

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Instead of demonstrating the plane's capabilities for prospective buyers, they just talked about them and insisted on being taken at their word. Afterward, if the plane failed to perform as promised, they would refund the buyer's money. With the Europeans, this cautious approach was justified, since almost every industrial country was trying to build its own aviation industry, and patent rights would have been much harder to enforce abroad. As the negotiations spun out fruitlessly, the Wrights' sales prospects started to dim.

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Yet they weren't worried about competition. Wilbur wrote to Chanute in late , " Meanwhile, the competition began to heat up. In October the Brazilian Alberto Santos-Dumont flew more than feet in France, earning the public acclaim the Wrights had never achieved. Newspaper articles made much of the fact that Santos-Dumont had not flown in secret.

25 Best Chanute history images in | Air ride, Wwi, Air force bases

Wilbur Wright dismissed the feat in a letter to Chanute: "From our knowledge When someone goes over three hundred feet and lands safely in a wind of seven or eight miles it will then be important for us to do something. So far we see no indication that it will be done for several years yet. In their shop they worked on a new engine design, but instead of demonstrating it in flight, they turned their backs on public events and continued to set their sights on military sales. It was a bad time to walk away from aviation, for in flying fever was beginning to grip the globe.

Enthusiasts established competitions and offered prizes. Meanwhile, the Wrights continued to shift their focus from mechanical innovation--their strength--to sales. As Wilbur told an associate in November , "I want the business built up so as to get the greatest amount of money with as little work.

Sell few machines at a big profit, so that we can close out They put the finishing touches on their new engine and began a fresh push to sell planes to the United States government. Now, two years and many public French flights later, U. At the same time, the French government also agreed to buy manufacturing rights to the Wright patents.

The brothers' strategy finally seemed to be paying off, and they looked forward to a busy spring. With contracts in hand, the Wrights planned to fly only for their buyers. They spent a month at Kitty Hawk rebuilding and re-rigging their plane, and in May Orville flew for the first time in two and a half years. A few reporters managed to hide in the woods and got the story. The flights were international news. Now that the cat was out of the bag, a flurry of public flights followed--Orville in America and Wilbur in Europe.

They left competitors in awe and full of apologies for doubting their genius. The French had been snippy about the Wrights, questioning their achievements and holding up their own innovators as the true pioneers of aviation.

Wrong about the Wrights

Now they were apologetic. The Wrights had gotten back in business in the nick of time, or so it seemed, for within the next few years a handful of North American aircraft builders would take to the air as well. Out of that group came the man over whom the Wright brothers would obsess until their deaths: Glenn Curtiss. Wilbur Wright had flown farther in , but with few witnesses. Now he refused to compete against a man who he believed was stealing his ideas.

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It was a fatal mistake. Curtiss realized the value of public opinion and would use it against the Wrights until they left the business. He also built beautiful and well-designed airplanes that quickly surpassed the Wright models. Curtiss saw, as would all future aeronautical engineers, that the Wrights' wing-warping system, or some variation on it, was the key to controlling a craft laterally.

The Wrights threatened to sue anyone who incorporated that design feature into an airplane, yet no airplane could fly without it. The system involved changing the shape of the entire wing to alter its aerodynamic qualities. Curtiss got around the patent by using ailerons instead--separate, movable surfaces at the back of each wing, like those found on today's airplanes.

Curtiss's system was much easier to use, yet the Wrights considered any form of three-dimensional control to fall under their patent, and they threatened a lawsuit. Curtiss ignored them. In the meantime, the aviation industry was coming alive with talented competitors. In August Curtiss won the Bennett Trophy by setting a speed record of 47 miles per hour.

[Download] The Wright Brothers At Kitty Hawk Kindle Free

The competitions had become sales tools. The public bought the planes they saw at the races, not the high-priced Wright machine that few had ever seen fly.

The Wright Brothers - first flight photos and rare motion picture recordings

The Army liked the Wrights' plane, but so what? The future of aviation was being conceived in the public imagination and in the shops of a handful of eager inventors, not on military bases. At the flying meet in Rheims, France, where Curtiss won the Bennett Trophy, the skies were filled with 23 different airplanes, which broke all of the Wrights' speed and altitude records. The brothers had declined to enter the competition, supposedly on the grounds that they didn't compete against mere imitators.

But the truth was that their airplane was no longer the industry standard. As they had feared all along, aviation enthusiasts had understood, copied and improved on it. The Wrights chose not to fight back with technical innovations. Instead, in August they turned to the courts, slapping Curtiss with a long-threatened patent-infringement lawsuit. The litigation stretched out for eight years of trials and appeals, slowly suffocating the Wrights' company. In the brothers' partnership, Wilbur had always been the idea man, with Orville fine-tuning and executing his plans. As the courtroom battles dragged on, Wilbur's knowledge made him the key expert witness. He testified tirelessly about aeronautical design issues, explaining them in a clear, easily understood manner. His skill on the witness stand meant that his time at the company was limited.

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