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  1. FA Lightning II | Royal Australian Air Force
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We'll always keep your data safe and secure and you may unsubscribe from these emails at any time. If you would prefer NOT to receive these please tick here. Existing User - Enter Password Password. Renowned for its in-depth coverage of the world of military aviation, Combat Aircraft includes reports, expert briefings and special features on current military aircraft and industry matters. As well as being visually stunning, Combat Aircraft offers readers a large amount of detailed information and thought-provoking opinion on topical military aviation issues.

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FA Lightning II | Royal Australian Air Force

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Prefer to send a gift voucher? Click here for our full range. Looking for Combat Aircraft in print? Unfortunately pocketmags. Our partner at magazine. See all offers. With the U-2S Dragon Lady spared from being withdrawn we present a timely look at what it takes to fly this tricky reconnaissance aircraft. We have a report straight from the flightiness at Nellis from the latest Red Flag, looking at the latest technology in use. Plus a unit report on the Texas ANG and the st Rescue Squadron, we look at the need for combat search and rescue, detail the modern Iraqi Air Force and also detail the latest US military budget requests.

For more information, visit www. Their work is mainly focused on the scrutiny of British drone use. The almost global capacity to conduct airstrikes anytime, anywhere: that is one of the most distinctive features of armed drones — and therefore a new dimension of warfare. Together with those affected by drone strikes and with its partners around the world, ECCHR uses legal means to seek an end to unlawful killings by armed drones.

United Kingdom. Prevent Complicity The above mentioned controversial drone use of the UK evoked several allegations of potential British complicity, but without the release of basic deployment information, one simply cannot track the legality of the drone strikes. Related News. European Press Review — May June 17, European Press Review — April You can find the publication here. May 12, European Press Review — March April 15, Related Resources. Accountability for killings by US drones with European complicity. But good engineering is like irony: you know it when you see it. This brings up the delicate subject of the new proposed battery containment system.

This is one of those moments. During my 25 years as an aerospace industry analyst, Boeing looked more com Consider events this year. Sadly, irratio Yet sometimes, great companies and great people produce great things with mediocrity. Having just had the honor of serving on the Collier Selection committee, established to choose t But times have changed.

Foreign aircraft manufacturers, fleeing draconian defense Total industry output by value expanded 4.

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Looking at Sometimes, something happens in December that brilliantly frames the entire year and gives it a coherence that it ce The world is filled with crummy jerks. This month saw two dire-soundin There was one catch — he had a portrait in the attic showing him aging I had lunch scheduled with a friend near the White Ho The only aircraft stories in the daily paper A section, it seems, feature UAVs.

Our publications from all over the world

Fighter sales, commercial jet orders, and even air strikes get Its beautiful and suggestive shape makes it one of the most-loved cars in history, with excellent performance to match. It concerned an aircraft program that had died a while back, for good reasons, and was undergoing yet another Your just cancelled on you, leaving a one hour hole in your schedule.

Where do you go? Los Angeles. I like Whether for cultural, historical, or economic reasons, aviation plays a prominent role in some societies, reflected in a rich heritage of designers, industries, and operators. Unfortunately, Po Of course.

It would be like a trade lawyer shying away from billable h But in the new parlance of our budget-conscious times, DoD has given the word a ne For our industry, it was an exciting one. A young Albert Brooks put it best. As a precocious valedictorian in the movie Broadcast News, he gets the tar beaten out of him by three toughs. As they walk away leaving The most expensive aircraft that never was is back in the news, afte As the two aerospa The island had palm trees, beaches, and a pizza restaurant.

One day, he ordered a medium pizza, which was cut into Freezer burn. Friendly Fire. Profitable Airlines. Everyone chuckles at oxymorons. I would add a new one: Happy Farnborough. Today, bad car lovers r As a colleague recited a grim litany of headlines covering mass I strongly advise you to not work in conjunction with the Thai military. They had good reasons to do this.

For one, I was a mediocre high school student.


But they also might have been prescient, anticipating th I'll spare you the details of how we came to spend three weeks in South Florida. But one pleasant surpr The economy, the airlines and the business jet industry spent the first half of the year in free-fall. But, it seems, the Slow Food movement celebrates time-in After spendi As the British and German fleets fired their opening rounds, three RN capital ships took direct hits.

Two were battlecruisers that blew up and sank, taking thousands of The only thing worse than crashing in a car without an air bag is crashing without an air bag while under the illusion that you do actually have one. The jetliner industry finds itself in Practical joke gone wrong? Whatever you believe, the defense industry can learn a lot from the belief system inspired by L. Second funerals are not.

Help us hold the government accountable.

But we might be close to seeing one. Every January we go somewhere fun and I try to spin it into something aviation market related. First, like a lot of peopl I have no desire to continue kicking that dead horse. It has an interesting back story.